Thursday, October 7, 2010

Spring has Sprung

Well the weather is finally warming up & since daylight saving started I am finally beginning to feel like Summer might actally arrive in NZ.

Had a few ups & down in the last month.  One of the downs being a car accident which wrote off my car.  Got hit from behind ouch!  Only suffered a wee bit of whiplash & bruises but could have been a lot worse.
Must admit I was quite sad to see the state of my car.  This had been my 1st ever brand new car which I had for just over 3 years & it still felt like new.

Then came the tag wrestle with the insurance company & then having to hunt for another car.  Finally settled on another new one yeah!!!.  My hubby's fault he talked me into it LOL.  Ended up buying the latest version of  the same car except this one is a hatch.
The kit I used for this page is called Vintage Boy by Courtney's Scappin.  A superb kit. Really love the elements in it.  So hard to find good kits for boys.  Thank you Courtney!

On a brighter note it's school holidays at the moment & we enjoyed the company of our grandaughter Darcie for 5 days.  Always good fun spending time with the grandkids.

Next week we are off to spend a few days in New Plymouth to check out the gardens & Mount Taranaki then we will continue to Wanganui & spend a night my my friend from SBF XGURN66.  I am so looking forward to meeting Joce & her husband.  Then back up the Island via lake Taupo to stay with a very old friend Cherry in Tokaroa before meandering back home.  I am really looking forward to the break & taking my new car on the trip.  Should be a good test drive for it.

Look forward to telling you about our trip next time. Hugs, Mary


  1. Love the new car Mary, fab scrap page, by the looks of the old one you were really lucky, enjoy your holiday x

  2. I’m sorry about what happened! I can tell from the damage of your car that the impact of the hit was really hard. I’m glad you’re fine and not totally injured. Glad you immediately got a replacement for it. I hope you never have any accident again. Remember to always buckle up and drive safely!

    >Erwin Calverley

  3. Oh my goodness! Seeing the car wrecked like that, I can imagine how intense the impact was. You’re lucky you’re not seriously injured. Yeah, it could’ve been worse. I remember when my car got hit from the back. I got neck injury, but was able to recover right away. Good thing I had an attorney who helped me settled everything, which made my recovery a lot faster and easier. #Cristy Witherspoon